18 April 2015

04 SOTA Activation: Mt. Taylor VK1/AC-037, the 1st of April and a strictly AM Affair (17 April 2015)

Mt. Taylor VK1/AC-037

Andrew VK1DA proposed that the 1st of April would be a fine occasion to run up a hill and use AM for SOTA contacts. AM is no longer frequently used and this sounded like a good idea. Andrew VK1NAM and I took up the challenge and the three of use set-up on different mountains that afternoon. A few local VK1 operators joined in and all of us managed to get the required 4 contacts for a summit activation.

The activation was not only special because it was on the 1st of April, and we exclusively used AM, but because it was also my first solo SOTA activation.

Read Andrew VK1DA's account of the day at his blog.

Mount Taylor on a different day - beautiful view to the west over the Brindabellas

How to Get There

I set-up on Mount Taylor for the afternoon. It is easy to get to, with public parking on both sides. I parked near the gate next to Sulwood Drive. The initial 500m or so is pretty steep but the climb is pretty relaxed from there on.

Mount Taylor Access via Sulwood Drive or Waldock Street

Special Permissions or Arrangements

None required. Public parking and nature reserve.

Summit Information

Mount Taylor’s summit is 856 meters above mean sea level and it is worth 1 SOTA activation point. Its Maidenhead locator is QF44mp. When you get to the top, carry on past the antenna building to the Trig Point on the summit or beyond. There were quite a few walkers in the 2 hours that I was on the summit. There is a footpath running in a North/South direction, next to the Trig Point.

Ham Shack on Mt Taylor


Useful Links

SOTAWATCH Summit Information: http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=VK1/AC-037

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